Investing Overview

E*Hedge connects investors and traders to investment portfolios that are under 100 people and under 100 million dollars. Our unique approach to driving investment growth is to match investors to experienced traders and algorithmic programmers for superior market performance. This unique approach is designed to level the playing field and to tap into expertise generally reserved for multi-billion dollar hedge funds.

No. Our clients select portfolio manager for full discretion of their account.

E*Hedge offers a live account analytics view after you have logged into your account. This view highlights ongoing investment activity. E*Hedge uses our own proprietary technology to update our clients data.

Our diverse groups of portfolio managers are focused on creating wealth and tapping into our platform for transparency. Each of our portfolio managers operate under a general partnership and for reporting reasons keep the number of portfolio investors under 100 people and $100 million dollars in order to comply with several laws including the Securities Act of 1933 and the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Our portfolio selection process is very straightforward and transparent. Simply review the portfolios based on your investment goals the simple step by step process allow you to seamlessly evaluate the best strategies that fit your preferences. If any questions arise please feel free to contact us for more details.

Company Overview

E*Hedge is a digital investment advisory that connects investors to unique investment portfolios managed by experienced traders and algorithmic programmers. Some portfolios allow you to get started with as little as $1,000.

E*Hedge is not a broker or a dealer. We strictly serve as an intermediary advisory between expert traders and 3rd party broker-dealers. When you work with E*Hedge, you are hiring us as your Investment Adviser and upon selecting a portfolio that fits your needs providing us with discretionary control to monitor buy/sell orders from trades taking place on your behalf. Traders are executed by 3rd party brokers.

We offer a platform to select and invest in portfolios managed by experienced traders and algorithmic programmers. To learn more click here.

We are a unique firm that is not associated with traditional institutions or banks. Our platform has been built and continues to be managed by E*Hedge. We do not get paid to promote a particular investment vehicle. We only collect fees from investors and we keep our priorities focused on you. All communications with E*Hedge are done through online communication tools, and our client platform.

E*Hedge is a unique platform, that delivers unique investment opportunities. We systematically match investors with unique portfolios that are generally reserved for billion dollar hedge funds.

Funding via ACH, Check or Credit Card

For all account types E*Hedge provides an opportunity to fund your account at anytime through our client platform and also through the online application.

Account Funding Steps:

1. Have the amount of cash that you will be funding the account with available in a checking/savings account.
2. Submit the account funding step to your E*Hedge account application.
(a) If you will be funding via ACH please have your routing and account number handy.
(b) If you will be funding via Check, please send the check, with your account number written on it to the address indicated on the funding step.
(d) You will receive an email from E*Hedge when the account has been funded.

We strictly work with third-party custodians because insuring our clients security and protection is paramount. The custodian focuses strictly on control aspects of your funds and backs up this security with FDIC and SIPC insurance for your account.

E*Hedge works with our designated custodian to legally use there services to custody our clients funds and ensure each client receives FDIC and SPIC insurance. We then take the necessary steps to insure our portfolios managed by traders fall within holding guidelines.

To open an account with E*Hedge and subsequently Interactive Brokers verifying information including your email must be submitted otherwise we may  not be able to open an account.

Any check that is sent to E*Hedge will be returned. All checks must be sent the account Custodian with your appropriate account number and name included. The custodians address can be found in the proceeding sections.

If you are mailing in a check please make sure your account number is listed on the check.

Please include your account number on the check. All checks should be sent to

Interactive Brokers, LLC

8 Greenwich Office Park

Greenwich, CT 06831-5149

Interactive brokers is a registered clearing broker-dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”).

Interactive brokers is not responsible for and does not approve, endorse, review, recommend or guarantee the services of E*Hedge, Inc. Portfolio management services and is not involved in any of the following investigation, analyzation, monitoring, or otherwise evaluation nor the suitability of any investment made in your brokerage account or review the prudence, merits, viability, or suitability of any security as an investment by your portfolio manager.

The brokerage account held with interactive brokers entails registering with your basic information including name, and all required information for identity verification. Interactive Brokers then acts as the broker-dealer for all securities on behalf of E*Hedge, Inc.

Account Fees

Please reference our pricing page referenced here. 

The wrapped fee is based on monthly fees associated with your portfolio under management so if you have multiple portfolios through E*Hedge based on your Social Security number, the fee will be pro-rated across each portfolio account respectively. For example, if you a portfolio and it differs in fee from a non-related portfolio each fee will be aggregated at the time of billing.

No, this is covered in your monthly fee paid to E*Hedge.

No, all fees must be taken from an account held at the custodian.

But there is a simple solution. You can setup a “Fee Paying Account” with us. To do this, login to E*Hedge, then click to create a new account. Choose Individual-Taxable as the account type, and put a note in the comments section of the application that this will be used to pay fees only.

You can setup a recurring ACH payment into the account every month to cover the fees. You will be notified in advance what fees will be taken out of the account on a monthly basis.


The fee on our pricing page only includes fees that we take out of your account on a yearly basis.

ETF or options fees are taken out at the fund level, not out of your account. This means that we buy the ETF on the exchange with the fee already factored into the price. Please note, depending on your portfolio many clients will be invested in individual stocks or a mix of individual stocks and ETFs.

Fees are assessed monthly and will be taken out of your account automatically, on the same day every month. As an example if you open your account on a the 20th you will be assess a fee on the 20th of every month.

ACH: Adding or withdrawing money via ACH transfer is Free.

Federal Wire Transfer: The fee is $30 per wiring request

Check: The fee is $20 for withdrawals to be sent by Check. Mailing a deposit check to the Custodian may be free depending on your banks policies.

Yes. We bill on the client level (as defined by a unique Social Security Number). As long as the same Social Security Number is on your accounts, we can debit the fee from any of them. By default, we will debit the fees as a proportion that the account makes up the total amount invested. Please submit a support request if you would like to have this changed.


We are committed to providing alternative investment portfolios for the people by the people. Our philosophy is based around Asymmetry Portfolio Management where in Stand Alone Producers “Market Makers” are enlisted. These portfolio managers understand risk, take trading extremely seriously and can work within E*Hedges Risk Control systems.

We strive to select portfolio managers who can give our clients a decided advantage and operate under our secure and easy to use advisory platform.

To learn more please visit our Features Page HERE  for more information.

Our E*Hedge platform will place as much as 100% of your holdings in cash/fixed income to preserve your capital if deemed necessary. Our number one priority is securing your wealth and avoiding losses.

Please note we do not permit any shorting, or the use of leverage.

E*Hedge brings robust investment styles to the masses with portfolios starting at just $1,000 dollars. Our focus is on the everyday investor. Our unique portfolio offering is incredibly unique in having under $100 million in management and under 100 investors.

Our guidelines for forming a portfolio with E*Hedge focuses on key ratios and consistent risk control combined with discretionary allocation.

Key Guidelines Consist Of:

–           Broad sectors and allocations

–           Diversification is encouraged

–           Avoid big reversals/ draw downs (Automatic Risk Controls)

–           Proper diversification and management


In many of our beginner portfolios managers are held to our 3%/ 3% rule where in managers are encouraged to be cautious on the onset and work within

Downside Protection

All portfolios and subsequent portfolio managers are assigned strategic risk controls and successive loss controls built inherently on the mutual goals and agreed risk levels. E*Hedge uses our platform to scan every security daily. When the strategic goals appear off, set risk allocation and risk management notifications are made available to manage the downside. Our platform will then look for spread correlation and tight correlation in relation to risk and diversification factored into each portfolio for corrective actions. In the event trading lines reach pre-designated loses, corrective actions may be administered to portfolio management for additional downside protection.

For example we may freeze ½ if not all of the portfolio in some market situations.

Portfolio managers my fall under our 3/3 rule which entails:

  1. A) If a trader loses 3% of their trading line (half of the assets are frozen/ held in cash fixed income).
  2. B) If the trader loses another 3% they have to freeze the fund and re-strategize while notifying fund holders. Fund holders will then have the option to continue in the fund or to reinvest in other portfolios.

We leverage the following risk monitory systems

–           We look for spread correlation and tight correlation

–           Controlling Correlation and risks

–           Scan portfolios to search for vulnerabilities (historic risks)

–           Being long volatility is great risk control in all scenarios

On the E*Hedge platform dashboard, there is a risk icon that will display times when your downside protection has been implemented and the amount of money currently under hold.

Protecting our clients and minimizing losses is our number one priority.

Downside protection technology may be run and applied daily to ensure our client portfolios are being traded properly and for optimal gain/ loss protection.

Trading volume will change based on the management style of each portfolio manager respectively. However the risk profiles are expected to comply with stated goals and objections.


E*Hedge is currently pending registration as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the SEC. E*Hedge’s IARD number will be disclosed upon verification.

No, E*Hedge is not a broker or a dealer nor a custodian. We strictly serve as an intermediary advisory between expert traders and 3rd party broker-dealers.

No, E*Hedge is wholly owned by independent investors.

In order to comply with U.S tax law all investors are considered to be an eligible investor if they meet the following guidelines:

  • US Citizenship or US resident alien status


Yes. If additional statements are required E*Hedge may provide paper duplicate statements. Please submit a ticket and we can provide addition statements.

Yes. E*Hedge clients can work for FINRA member companies. For further clarification please contact your compliance department for additional information.

Yes, E*Hedge’s compliance team can provide you with a letter stating the complete discretion over investment decisions, accepted unsolicited orders, specific transactions with each client prior to execution. For additional questions please submit a ticket and we can provide additional statements.

Mobile Applications

No, E*Hedge offers a mobile version of our platform that enables easy access to your account information.

No. E*Hedge expects to launch an iPhone app in the latter half of 2017 (Q4)

No. E*Hedge expects to launch an iPad app in the latter half of 2017 (Q4)

No, E*Hedge expects to launch an Android app in the latter half of 2017 (Q4)


No. Our completed API integration will be complete within the 2017 calendar year. At this time a complete management system will include integrations with some of the best 3rd party companies in order to fully support our clients

Future partnerships relegated to API integrations may include revenue share agreements within the appropriate jurisdiction. This distinguishing will be made on a case by case basis as the API becomes available.


On a case by case basis E*Hedge will consider working with international partners


Each clients tax liability may vary depending on the portfolio performance. Generally, the portfolio may follow similar tax guidelines as displayed on our Tax page HERE.

E*Hedge is currently developing downloadable .TXF features into our Tax and Statements pages. Typically these formatted pages can be found in your custodian account however we look to have this feature available shortly.

This is not a direct factor we advise or control within the investment portfolios we offer. Your account may experience a loss in a certain security and the respective portfolio manager may or may not take corrective actions to sell and buy a similar security to keep the portfolio balanced.

Tax-loss harvesting is available for all of our individual taxable accounts.

Yes. All client accounts will have access to tax documents through the E*Hedge client platform, this information will also be provided by the custodian as well. This information will be downloadable as well.

For review this information will be pulled in by E*Hedge on our platform. Go to the Tax & Statements tab of the E*Hedge platform after logging in to access all of the tax documents. You will get alerts when tax documents are ready for download.

In addition, at the custodian you can also access yearly tax forms and monthly/quarterly statements.

No. When a client joins E*Hedge we do not permit a transfer in securities. Our policy is require a liquidation of the securities and to place the funds into the portfolio of your choice.

Often times the portfolio may trade similar securities in which case the tax liability may remain similar.

Yes, E*Hedge offers tax-loss harvesting for all clients. All client accounts will be harvested at the end of year.

There is no cost associated with E*Hedge’s tax-loss harvesting service.

Analytics & Technology Platform

Yes. E*Hedge offers a live account analytics view after you have logged into your account. This view highlights ongoing investment activity. E*Hedge uses our own proprietary technology to update our clients data. Often times a view of activity can be found within the custodian account which is completely separate from E*Hedge. Please note we have no direct partnership with the custodian this includes account analytics.

No. Please note we have no direct partnership with the custodian which segments into account analytics. E*Hedge will reconcile all trades bought/sold for each account respectively. The information is monitored daily to show what our system reflects as accurate. In the case there is a discrepancy between the information that the custodian carry’s that may not reflect the same information in regards to cash transactions posted in error, wrong number of shares sold or the “reconciled data” we may share with you items to be corrected within your account. If in the event you have any questions in regards to reconciled data you may  log into your client platform to submit a ticket

E*Hedge does not provide tax advice. We recommend you speak with a tax professional who can provide comprehensive answers to any concerns.

Yes. Broad overviews of assets under management are available on the bottom of each portfolios prospectus page on This view shows graphs and an overall break down of assets for overall transparency.

We currently do not offer account aggregation software however, this service may be available through the custodian provider. Please contact our support team to access custodian platform with your appropriate user name password.

The risk allocation percentage represents the total amount of funds in each perspective portfolio which has been allocated to protection in cash holdings. The amount of funds in cash reserves can vary and will range from 0- 100 percent.

E*Hedge complies with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)(R) wherein all returns are presented against a time-weighted basis.

E*Hedge leverages our proprietary software that is used to account for all trades and activities within each client’s account. This technology is then used to for accounting, account management, and operations. Our technology allows us to perform analytics that are not reliant on data provided by third party sources giving you clean and accurate data around the clock.

Within the E*Hedge client platform an overview of active trades may viewed under the account performance tab.

Not currently. The E*Hedge platform is currently designed for specific portfolio investment vehicles built in account aggregation capabilities are not factored into our services.

The dollar return is the actual return on investment in dollar amount. The percentage change is the time weighted return of the account non-dependent of additional deposits.

Specifications & Technology

E*Hedge’s platform is view able in all browsers. Additional add on software suggested to be downloaded include Javascript. The technology allows you to properly access and view any components designed in this programming language.

There is no need to access updates your login is all you need and any updates performed in the platform will automatically be available.

Yes. All of your portfolio activities will be viewable in one single log-in. You will be able to see all of the data singularly or combined in order to keep track of all of your managed funds in one simple and convenient view.

Not at this time. The E*Hedge’s platform can be accessed and used as is on any browser globally.

E*Hedges core functionalities and platform data is leveraged through cloud computing. The entire platform is secured via encryption and multi-layered data security. We augment our entire platform in secure server networks.


Open a customer service ticket within the E*Hedge platform and in addition you can inform your email host that E*Hedge emails originating from should be received.

Some common trouble shooting tips include the following:

Ensure JavaScript is installed in your operating system. Ensure you are using a modern browser. Without the outlined features the E*Hedge platform may not operate properly.

Some emails sent through E*Hedge require HTML in order to be viewed properly. We suggest you enable HTML on the email body or use an email provider to view this feature.