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More than 80% of the stock shares traded on Global Exchanges originate from automated trading system orders. High frequency trades and algorithms battling for market supremacy is the new normal. This shift is leaving every day traders behind or at best barely breaking even.

E*Hedge was founded to give the retail investor a chance to not only keep up, but to connect with like minded traders and algorithm technology to avoid being taken advantage of. The markets are designed for high-frequency traders and insiders. It is time we have an online investment advisory designed for a changing market.

How Our Services Work

Manage Your Money With More Confidence

Investing like this takes much less effort than doing it alone.
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The harsh reality is many retail investors don’t have the time nor the technical background to compete in today’s high-speed market.

E*Hedge is the first digital investment advisory that matches expert traders and algorithmic traders (Quants) to every day investors. Our unique advisory service securely connects you to small investment vehicles that focus on niche market strategies that fit your investment style.

Our platform enables your funds to be managed by expert traders while your investment capital remains in custodian accounts allowing you to withdraw or add funds at any time while minimizing your  investment risk. Take the next steps and learn which portfolio meets your trading needs.

Americas Confidence In The Financial Industry 19%
Americas Confidence In Independent Businesses 57%


eHedge advises both investors and traders to ensure managed portfolios remain within federally allowed guidelines. Particularly “the investment company act of 1940” to ensure all portfolios remain under 100 investors and $100 Million capitalization for investment company exclusion.  E*Hedge then partners with each trader to ensure tax efficiency for all parties.

service1-minAll investing is inherently risky. However, E*Hedge allows you to set your account with a stop loss to protect your downside.  

service1-minE*Hedge is not a broker or a dealer. We strictly serve as an intermediary advisory between expert traders and 3rd party broker-dealers.

service1-minYour funds will always be secured and custodian in a third party holding account that only you will always have access to around the clock .

service1-minSimply log-in using your user name password which is recieved once your first application is accepted and approved. You will then have continued access to account performance and control.